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uber vs taxi

  1. UberReallySucks

    Casablanca’s Taxi Drivers Assault Uber Drivers and Users

    Casablanca’s Taxi Drivers Assault Uber Drivers and Users By Morocco World News - July 26, 2016 , 8:56 am Uber Morocco Defends Its Right to Operate in Casablanca By Alexandra Krauska Rabat – Since the beginning Uber service in Casablanca last year, drivers of green taxis have begun to...
  2. UberZF

    Canadian Radio Comedy - The Debaters UBER vs TAXI

    Just a posting About The Debaters with Steve Patterson. Today's episode on CBC Radio 1 was called "Uber vs Taxi, & UK vs US Spelling" For those that can, Click Here to Enjoy the show Go Forward to 14:45 for the Start of the UBER vs TAXI
  3. FilmStudentTO

    Need individual for Uber vs. Taxi Documentary

    Hi, I am a film student at Ryerson and I'm making a documentary about the whole dilemma with Uber and the Taxi industry here in Toronto. I am looking for someone or the name of someone who is a Taxi driver and a Uber driver or a Taxi driver who quite to become a full time Uber driver. I'm trying...