uber unfair to partners

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    Florida Law

    There is another problem with Uber's policy's that is abusive to the drivers in Florida the law reads NO OPEN CONTAINERS simply put Florida does not allow any alcoholic beverages in a car wether the driver or passenger has it and when the driver tells a passenger they can't have it in the car...
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    Take a look at the other side of Uber and decide for yourself

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    Here is an interesting bit of info about another way Uber may be cheating drivers.

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    Uber and tipping

    Ok all you folks here is a link you might want to check out especially you mislead Uber supporters that don't believe that Uber is an abusive company. http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/u-s-judge-certifies-class-action-against-uber-over-tips-n473176