uber underpays drivers

  1. SharedRideTruther

    Rider Explodes at Cab Driver, After Being Charged 'Fairly' for Trip. (Eyewitness Account)

    So, I'm sitting at my favorite watering hole 'rider' area, driving my own platform, Uber not online, but always watching the potential surge login prompt. I've had multiple GOOD runs over the last 4 hours driving my own platform, and I see 2 cars pull in to the lot dropping drinkers off to this...
  2. SharedRideTruther

    Uber Drivers NOT Independent Contractors. Lawsuit Damages Paid In Alaska

    Alaska state just won 78K from Uber for the lie of 'independent contractor' drivers. CLICK HERE to read about it, since it just happened Sept 3, 2015, 'quietly'. San Francisco is up next. I wonder, with the state of Alaska WINNING a judgement against UBER, what are the legal repercussions for...