#uber #ubersucks

  1. UberEnforcer

    Getting Uber Select rides in a non Select Vehicle

    I was amazed how much I made tonight. Anyone else experienced this tonight? Or was this an app issue?
  2. ayleen

    Turn Technologies wants to revolutionize the way you work

    Hi guys, We are interested in finding out how you use various on-demand platforms other than Uber /Lyft. This is not a promotion nor a referral link. Thank you
  3. Lynette

    Driving towards a Surge....looking like Benny Hill!

    I am reminded of the old school comedian Benny Hill. At the end of his show, he would run around real fast chasing things that weren't there for the most part. We see that yellow, gold and red. Everybody is shooting for the moon all at once. The closer you get to tje colorful eye-catching...
  4. Lynette

    Sick of Uber's scripted replies

    Everytime I write Uber about anything they always respond with these stupid "canned" responses that generally has nothing to do with the question that you are asking. That is so annoying. I usually start by saying please do not reply with a scripted response and they do it anyway