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uber tips

  1. Phasmatrope

    When again did Uber start tipping, & where on form...

    ...does it list what those were?? This last year was my 1st one driving for ol' Travis & Uber... and the first one I understand that they allowed tips. Now, those are clearly labeled on Lyft's 1099, but of course, Uber doesn't give you a 1099 (unless you make like over $10,000). I THINK...
  2. Kawiz03

    Tip Limits

    Just when you thought Uber could go no lower https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/uber-tip-limit-for-drivers-ride-hailing-lyft/#ampshare=https://www.cnet.com/news/uber-tip-limit-for-drivers-ride-hailing-lyft/
  3. Episode

    Tipping and How to make more!

    HELLO UBER COMMUNITY! I felt after a long time of driving. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge. I am a Colorado driver. I have driven in all the Uber cities in the USA, and have built a great business from it. I currently have 3 intern drivers in a small program I started here. Just to test...
  4. YorkieLover

    Attention - "UBER says you can ask for tips now".

    Per Uber policy; Uber drivers can ask for tips now, but at their own discretion, more info in the Uber webpage found on this link: https://help.uber.com/h/d1a581ed-a0fb-4bf6-899b-020e26fb613d What do you guys think? Is it wrong ? Is it begging?Is it morally unacceptable?
  5. B0hemianBoy

    Can anyone please explain what this is about? (Uber gratuity???)

    Here's the original article: https://www.timeout.com/chicago/blog/when-is-a-taxi-cheaper-than-an-uber-082515 The writer (from TimeOut Chicago) is trying to analyse when it's better to take a taxi cab over an Uber for a rider, and in the third paragraph from the bottom he writes: >>But don't...
  6. U

    Lyft '$100 million in tips and counting' commercial

    Was just watching Spike (Amercan channel) and the Lyft commercial came on. It has the Uber executives in a boardroom looking at footage of Lyft drivers and the drivers are smiling and real happy. One exec asks why they are so happy and another replies "it's coz Lyft passengers are allowed to tip...
  7. YorkieLover

    Lyft is matching passenger's TIPS.

    This week only tell your pax that lyft is matching their tip and watch your tips increase.
  8. Schlabobble

    First Time Drive

    Any tips as I go out for my first UBER night?
  9. RideshareSecrets

    Drivers with over 1k Rides

    Hello Uber People, I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many Rideshare drivers would love to know your answer to this question: What are 3 valuable tips to be a successful rideshare driver? Thanks in advance! Oh and naturally, I’ll include a link back you. Please message me...
  10. cutdc

    Newby's Net Last Week - Reality Check

    I worked busy and not so busy periods, averaging $9 something per hour. Factoring in gas, mileage and other expenses (wear and tear) I averaged a whopping, like $5.50 per hour! According to my calculations, Uber was taking for themselves 41% total of what clients payed out. That's a net 59%...
  11. Libertyfare

    Uber needs to add a tip option which could make them more money

    Uber is making a mistake by not taping into that revenue stream potential by not adding a tip button. I have skimmed the Lyft forums and they don't get tips either even with the tip option button in the app.