uber tipping policy

  1. YorkieLover

    You can ask your passengers for TIPS Now

    And the link is here https://help.uber.com/h/d1a581ed-a0fb-4bf6-899b-020e26fb613d This is from The Uber webpage, today.
  2. YorkieLover

    Attention - "UBER says you can ask for tips now".

    Per Uber policy; Uber drivers can ask for tips now, but at their own discretion, more info in the Uber webpage found on this link: https://help.uber.com/h/d1a581ed-a0fb-4bf6-899b-020e26fb613d What do you guys think? Is it wrong ? Is it begging?Is it morally unacceptable?
  3. U

    Lyft '$100 million in tips and counting' commercial

    Was just watching Spike (Amercan channel) and the Lyft commercial came on. It has the Uber executives in a boardroom looking at footage of Lyft drivers and the drivers are smiling and real happy. One exec asks why they are so happy and another replies "it's coz Lyft passengers are allowed to tip...
  4. UberReallySucks

    Uber: the fine print

    *Uber is not a transportation provider. No need to tip. Flat rates apply to direct trips between specified locations. Additional stops may result in a higher fare. Applicable tolls and surcharges may be added to your fare. Trips from SAN Airport are subject to a $3.76 surcharge and any...