uber tip policy

  1. YorkieLover

    Attention - "UBER says you can ask for tips now".

    Per Uber policy; Uber drivers can ask for tips now, but at their own discretion, more info in the Uber webpage found on this link: https://help.uber.com/h/d1a581ed-a0fb-4bf6-899b-020e26fb613d What do you guys think? Is it wrong ? Is it begging?Is it morally unacceptable?
  2. GILD

    Offical change in tipping on uber dot com

    uber now has new policy on tipping! Official on Uber.com Help. There should be no reason a driver should not be able to put up signs, send texts, pass this info to passengers, or put tip jars in cars. This official stance will protect you from Uber firing you for doing these things. A good...