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  1. uber?

    Uber soooo slow at bush airport

    been here for 3 hours yet still 50 cars ahead. anybody experience same slow wait? isn't this supposed to be superbowl week where Uber says going to be crazy busy days for Uber partners? Anybody from Uber to explain? please!
  2. uber?

    bush airport queue

    there are 230 cars queuing at bush airport. been here for 2 hours yet still 65 cars ahead of me. yehey to UBER for inviting all Houstonians to drive with UBER now drivers outnumber riders! great and to think this is superbowl week! yesss thank you UBER! sarcasim!
  3. ayleen

    Turn Technologies wants to revolutionize the way you work

    Hi guys, We are interested in finding out how you use various on-demand platforms other than Uber /Lyft. This is not a promotion nor a referral link. Thank you
  4. Y

    how do i monitor my driver?

    i have a new driver to drive my car, and now i dont drive my own car using uber anymore. but how can i monitor my driver from my home? how can i be sure my driver doesnt take away my car and run away after that? do i need somekind like 2 smartphone? and how do i connect it to each other so i...