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  1. Karl Marx

    I’m An Uber Driver And Agree With TfL - Uber Must Play By The Rules Or Get Out Of London

  2. Na'Shawn Jordan

    Top 5 Need To Know Facts About The Uber-Taxi Wars

    Hello All. WatchMojo just posted a great video that should help our goal of fair pay. Especially with the numbers they generate daily. They touched on great points and tbh it was be so great if Uber had a $50-75 minimum fare (for maybe 4 or more pax) like in London. Hope you enjoy and please...
  3. 2hot2handle

    Has Uber Been Stealing Tips?

    So I got an out of towner today, well 3 of them to be exact. I wa stelling them about the strike as I tell everybody and believe it or not most people will tip when I tell them about the strike,,,yall better speak p, but I digress. So I was telling them about no tips in app and they said yes...
  4. Z

    Uber Service Fee Schedule; Amendment

    The recent changes to Uber's service fee schedule dated: October 14th, 2015; What do you think the outcome will be? Will the recent changes affect our payout or will this new strategy balance between partners and passengers, giving partners more pings per hour (as uber states) or will this new...