uber tax

  1. N

    Anyone able to access August 2018 tax summary?

    A week ago I went to access the August 2018 tax summary but it wasn't posted. Since U.S. Quarterly Taxes are due today (September 15, 2018) I thought it would be posted. It wasn't. Then when I call the support line it says its not receiving calls which I assume is because the Uber pay system...
  2. Punjabi Driver

    Beauty Chanday Beauty - I hv decided not to pay taxes anymore

    It's a serious thread. I would appreciate if you give valuable input rather than 1 liners or off topic comments. So I hv decided not to pay GST and income tax anymore from Uber income. Reason; uber treats me as an employee when uber is not giving full job details like number of passengers and...
  3. DeenCPA

    Tax Season is around the corner, ask questions and get answers

    Hi, My name is Deen Saleh, and I'm a CPA. I also drive both uber and Lyft when tax season is over. I would love to answer your tax questions here for FREE. Disclaimer Note: my replys are not to be used as a legal advise. I disclaim any and all legal liability that might arise as a result of...