uber suv

  1. J_The_Driver

    How Does Buying An Uber Black Account Work ?

    What's the process of buying an Uber Black partner account with an SUV spot. I am NOT talking about a driver account. Talking about the actual fleet owner account. I've always rented from fleets, and I'm currently researching having my own partner account. If you have a partner account for sale...
  2. U

    Undetectable Non-Jailbroken/Rooted Location Spoofer SMH...

    Met him 2 days ago to purchase his device, and I gotta tell you guys, “It’s legit”. I have never seen anything like this before. I tried using jailbroken iPhone, and the Uber Driver app keeps detecting the jailbroken device. I tried using Samsung, and use the Fake GPS app, but it won’t hold the...
  3. Mikeotgon

    TLC Plates for rent

    Hello guys, Newbie here in the NYC. I came across this guy telling me that he can rent his TLC plates for $150/week. The way it works is that he would register my car under his company’s name, and I could put the TLC plates on the car. Is this legit? Doable? I don’t want to do something...
  4. G

    Uber case study - A failure of leadership

    Only an idiot of a company like Uber Australia which prices the transport service of a Uber SUV vehicle the same as Uber sedan vehicle. Not only is a SUV vehicle running costs higher than a sedan vehicle, a SUV normally have more space ie leg space, luggage space and is more comfortable. Why...
  5. Andy973

    Upcoming purge for Black Car / SUV

    Surprise for NJ and NYC Black/SUV drivers is coming within few months. NYC office already confirmed changes and downgrade to X/XL before end of 2018. If one of you is planning to buy a car for Uber and get OL plates - don't. Because it doesn't pay and because big changes are coming...
  6. Learntoletgo

    Hello, I am about 30 days from getting my TLC in NYC

    I do not have a car yet and so I am weighing my options. Should I rent the vehicles I see on the Uber affiliate sites? They can be almost 450 a week! That's $1800 a month! <<< freekin' nuts! My other option is to buy a vehicle that's less than 30k and use that for rideshare driving. The...
  7. ProDriver.me

    Are you a Limousine Operator ? Make up to $2100 a week

    Hello Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are looking to contract with 100 Licensed Limousine Operators in Las Vegas this week. ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ARE BEING HELD ON March 13th - March 21st We will be in Las Vegas for one week only. We will be recruiting Independent Limousine...
  8. J

    Advice on trying out Uber suv

    I recently met a suv driver in Los Angeles and he mentioned how he was taking home 1500 a week after paying $500 lease weekly and uber. Ive been thinking about trying uber suv. From people with experience with uber suv. What are the pro and cons
  9. ProDriver.me

    Make $2100 per week (On the spot Interviews)

    On the spot Interviews being held Feb 9th- Feb 14th ! Hello Drivers, 
We are ProDriver and we will be in Miami for one week only! We are recruiting drivers for lucrative contract jobs, with major Limousine companies & luxury TNC app’s. The average trips pays out about $100 per "airport run"...
  10. J_The_Driver

    UberSUV Uber SUV Driver Looking For An Escalade ESV To Rent

    Hi, I am looking for an Escalade ESV to rent for UberSUV & UberBlack. Email : [email protected] Thanks.
  11. R

    Leasing Companies Question for Uber Black Drivers

    What companies have good cars, maintenance, management and are legit? Currently unhappy with the company (or just the owner/manager/everything) I lease thru. One man show that I work for is not meeting his end of the agreement. Thanks for any input in advance.
  12. Jay79


    im a new driver with uber. I have Uber SUV. I haven't got a single ride of uber black since 2 days only have been getting uber pool and X. Someone help pls as in how to get uber suv business mostly. What time is the best to start of the day and where. I'm in New York
  13. Benzri

    Uber SUV

    A guy who owns several SUVs on Uber wants me to drive for him for $700/week, I've only driven X for a year and a half and I have no idea what business is like for SUV...is this a stupid idea for $700?
  14. ubersuv14


    Hi guys I have 2 uber SUV accounts. I drive one and use drivers for the other one. I'm getting tired of getting jerked around by the drivers