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uber support

  1. A

    No response from uber customer service for 2days

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone got any response from uber customer service. can't go online yesterday morning, then updated my vehicle inspection form and left messages to uber support. The systems says it'll send a confirming email shortly to find representatives to help me. Until now...
  2. DeplorableDonald

    That ended well...

    Uber's getting to be VERY tight with cancellation fees lately. I got a ping late Friday afternoon to what turned out to be a private high school in upper N.W. I didn't cancel when I pulled up to the school because I have had school staff get rides. Not this time. Sure enough up comes a kid with...
  3. Sgt_PaxHauler

    Is it really *THAT* hard to add a vehicle profile!?!?!?

    I've just had my cherry broken when it comes to dealing with Uber Support, and I'm not sure if I want to scream in frustration or laugh. This story begins with the attempt to add a 2nd vehicle to my vehicle profiles for use with Eats while my primary vehicle is in the shop. It's Friday...
  4. Pat K

    How is this happening? UberSupport and Checkr are a complete joke

    I am currently in an ongoing battle with UberSupport and Checkr as to why I was recently denied after my background check was re-ran. I was approved about 7-8 months ago to drive and then one day got an email saying my background was being re-ran. After it was I was denied. I have literally...
  5. Punjabi Driver

    Guess What? Uber support actually read your queries -lol

    Who said Uber support was useless???
  6. Forever10

    Passenger dented my car what do I do?

    Hi all, A passenger on a recent trip dented the inside door panel as he went to put his big amplifiers into the backseat of my car. I have told uber about this but they are saying they won't help as it's a normal wear and tear! The dent is pretty obvious and rider was careless and slammed...
  7. Pat K

    Uber and Checkr Incompetence

    Has anyone had any problem with being approved and then getting your background re-ran and being denied? I was approved about a year ago, started driving and then about two weeks ago the put my account on hold to re-run my background. I thought nothing of it...then they came back to me and...
  8. Pat K

    Uber and Checkr incompetence

    Has anyone had any problem with being approved and then getting your background re-ran and being denied? I was approved about a year ago, started driving and then about two weeks ago the put my account on hold to re-run my background. I thought nothing of it...then they came back to me and...
  9. Billyboob

    Gun pressed against my face while I was driving last night... happy Halloween!

    To be clear, let's assume that this was a plastic gun, because when your eyes are on the road, how can you tell if that drunk idiot in the back seat is pressing a fake gun or a real gun against your face? So last night, after waiting 5-6 minutes for pax to show up, one sits in the front and two...
  10. SHARK

    Uber support

    I got 40 responses from Cherok, Abdul, Jinxuaka and another 37 people to 1!!!inquiry about incentives not being displayed. All of the answers are different but 0 of them solved the issue and have nohing to do with my problem. The most helpful answers were that I'm not able to drive in...
  11. M

    Veteran uber driver has a serious problem

    Hi Uber drivers , Uber technical support representatives My problem is that I cann't get any requests from the airport , I drive uber xl livery which is uber xl with commercial tags " for hire plates ", basically my car disappears whenever I request my car at the airport. The following...
  12. M

    Veteran uber drivers needs help

  13. uber?

    how soon do we get reply from our concern with uber?

    how soon we get reply from uber on our concern? and when can we have phone to call for aupport in houston?
  14. Scott237

    Problem with app - late cancellation notification

    Has anyone had issues with the app not telling them when a passenger cancelled the fare? I got all the way to the passengers destination and as I arrived the app said he'd cancelled. That was after 12 minutes of driving to location. Uber won't pay me cancellation fare as they said rider...
  15. James78

    Question about Reported Issues in Rider Feedback

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers, I'm relatively new to Uber as a driver and I have actually have two questions? 1.) I've emailed uber support with a couple of different questions but never got a response. I've checked my spam and verified my email address. Is uber support real? I've found most...
  16. New2This

    Uber screwing us on incentives

    Has anyone else noticed differences between the emails Uber sends for Incentives and what the Incentives really turn out to be? As an example between 4:00 & 9:00 today for Gold the email sent Sunday night said it would be 1.4X-2.0X. In actuality, it was 1.4X all over the map between 4:00 & 5:00...
  17. MikesUber

    Uber signs email, "Love, Uber"

    Okayy soo lol This is from the local Uber email address "partnerspittsburgh@uber.com", both the Partner and Passenger App crashed last night around 10:00PM EST so I needed my password reset because nothing was working. Here's the response from Uber: Hi Michael, You requested a password...
  18. OrlandoUberX

    Uber support ghosted me

    I requested a cleaning fee for a puker with Uber support. 12 hours later they haven't responded, I know they are slow but geez. Any advice on what I should do?
  19. Manotas

    Another reason why I'm driving for Lyft only

    I got this response after I had a Pax bring to my car 2 small childer (one of them child seat age), after I told the Pax I couldn't take them I closed the ride & reported to Lyft in case he was going to complain about me refusing a ride ===================================== T... (Lyft) May...
  20. Lord Summerisle

    Uber's staggering incompetence

    So I go to Burbank on Tuesday to add another vehicle. It passes the inspection, the bros in the portakabin upload my documents and everything is cool. The next day, however, my account is on hold. It appears my new vehicle's inspection certificate has expired. For three days I've been emailing...