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uber ski

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    Does anyone here do UberSKI?

    Just curious how it has worked out for you. I am thinking of buying an SUV AWD with ski rack/snow board roof attachment so I can join.
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    Is UberSKI worth it?

    I am thinking of buying an AWD SUV with roof rails and a ski rack and buying snow tires so I can become eligible for UberSKI in Reno. This will cost me about $3,100 extra. The car will last two years before I trade it in. Is it worth it? Otherwise I am going with a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey...
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    Uberski vehicle image

    I haven't uploaded an image of my vehicle with the ski racks installed yet, so I am just doing uberX right now. Frankly, there are times I don't want to drive to the resorts. and sometimes my racks are removed for other reasons. Is there an option when you sign on and select your vehicle to...