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uber service

  1. QLDUberDriver

    Another way for riders to leave crap and food in your car.

    There Could Be a Vending Machine in Every Uber Ride in the Near Future A game-changer for the popular share-ride company. A new start-up has raised $1.75 million USD in seed funding as it tries to put a vending machine in every Uber. Cargo has developed a system that will see a custom display...
  2. D

    Uber vs Lift sign up process

    So I try signing up for Uber, and the whole process sucked! First of all the company seem not to like phone calls, chat or anything tipe with communication with the applicants, second they keep telling me to do this and do that. But nothing got me anywhere, they just wasted my time. While Lift...
  3. 2hot2handle

    Uber Now Have Food Delivery Service

    Now a rider told me about this a few days ago, but I happen to be surfin the net and saw this link http://www.ubereats.com/eats/atlanta/ now its only in about 10 cities right now but uber partnered with restaurants to have food delivered to people super fast, oh and Uber has partnered with...