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  1. U

    Has anyone here ever Ubered in San Diego? I'll be there Monday morning; recommendations?

    Ohai SoCal peeps, I'll be giving a client a ride from Santa Monica to La Jolla this upcoming Monday, arriving sometime around 11:30AM. My client will need a ride back on Wednesday, around 10:15AM. I have never been to La Jolla before; while I do my own research, I was wondering if any of you...
  2. U

    Ohai from LA. I'll be visiting the SD area this upcoming Monday morning; seeking recommendations.

    Ohai SoCal peeps, I'm an Uber Select driver, and I'll be giving a client a ride from Santa Monica to La Jolla this upcoming Monday, arriving sometime around 11:30AM. My client will need a ride back on Wednesday, around 10:15AM. I have never been to La Jolla before; while I do my own research...
  3. Schlabobble

    Question About Uber Plus/Select

    I just got certified to start driving UBER. I currently drive a Chrysler 300, which is on the list of UBER select cars. Does Des Moines offer UBER Plus/Select here in Des Moines??
  4. M

    Uber Select Market in Montreal

    Hi everyone, I am a Uber driver for the past 8 month, been driving uber x and XL, but recently been thinking about get a luxury car for uber select. Uber doesnt want to share there data upon that plateform, or just that person was uninformed. So I would like to know what are the hourly...
  5. Starfish007

    Uber Select

    Does anybody in Atlanta do Uber Select? Where is the best place to do it?
  6. UTX1

    VIP is Bullshit.

    My apologies for the thread title, but the truth is usually an ugly sight to see. (especially in print) VIP riders order Uber 10 times a month. Okay, not a big deal. 2 or 3 times a week. Even a minimum fare VIP will produce $50 month in gross fares and more likely average rider closer to $100 -...
  7. U

    UberSELECT | UberX - Profile

    Hey uberrers and lyfters, I just got my UberSELECT uproved and i contacted uber support to create separate profiles for my car UberX only & UberSELECT only. They told me that i cant have uberSELECT alone and i have to do both X & SELECT together. I checked the uber app and i see drivers that...
  8. Nat-urality

    Considering doing Uber select Advice?

    It looks like I will be able to do Uber select since UBER SUV is now closed. I have an Infiniti qx56 black on black. What is your experience doing the higher levels In uber? Thanks in advance.
  9. Santa

    GMC Terrain and Dodge Journey

    Hello everyone. Any of you guys drive one of these cars and do you have them on Select? I've looked at the select vehicle options and couldn't find these two vehicles. I know that Uber have put some vehicles on Select that weren't on the list. So was wondering if any of you guys or anyone you...
  10. bopang91

    Uber Select San Diego

    Anyone drive uber select only in San Diego? How is the income? I want drive uber after work and on weekends, my car is 2015 bmw, I want drive select only. How much I can make if I work 6pm-9pm on weekdays, and 2 whole days on weekend? And where is the best location for a Uber Select? Thank you...
  11. Mr.Monty

    Uber Select in San Francisco ?

    Hello all, I am moving to SF this fall because i got transferred to Berkeley. I am currently living in San diego and i do uberX. I am thinking of switching to select. Is it worth it to work select in the bay area? How much would i make working saturday nights and friday nights only ?.
  12. Jake1326

    UBER Select Jumper Service

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  13. ArsenalGunner

    Uber reversed my cleaning fee! What now?

    So I haven't done uber since late January after telling them to deactivate my account for lowering the fares. Anyway, I had them reactivate me few days ago as I heard they upped the fares again. I did alright driving Friday night and then on Saturday. Late Saturday night, I had a Select call...
  14. Mr.Monty

    Feed back needed from select drivers

    Hello all, I am currently driving uberX and i am thinking of switching to Uber Select. I am going to get a BMW 3 series so i can qualify for Uber select. I wanted to know if is it busy in uber select ?. is it worth the investment ? And also is it possible to accept only select requests?. i dont...
  15. afrojoe824

    Figured out how to make $100k a year on UberX

    Figured out how to earn "up to" $100k a year on UberX platform. After carefully studying Optimus Uber strategy and patterns, the silent lurker/apprentice is now ready to take the throne. Optimus has proven he made over $100k. Just watch this Uber X'er make that much as well. How you guys may...
  16. MarkInChicago

    Question about Uber X verses Uber Select or Uber Black

    Been driving for about 2 months. I currently drive a VW GTI which means that classifies me as Uber X only. I'm considering upgrading my vehicle to either a cross-over type SUV or a regular size SUV. My question is in two parts: (1) What types or sizes of vehicles are required for Uber Select and...
  17. U

    Uber Select Status Revoked

    Sup fellas. Well I got a message from Uber last week saying because of low acceptance rate my Uber Select status has been revoked. The reason for this is because I don't accept UberX calls unless there is a good surge. It's just not worth it for me. I actually lose money I think counting all...
  18. ArsenalGunner

    Uber Drivers, please leave your uber(Customer App) ON!

    I don't know if someone else already posted this but I was thinking...on a busy weekend(or a slow Tuesday) morning, we(Uber Drivers) should download and leave uber customer accounts on to generate some Surge. Does that make any sense? Is that how surges start anyway or am I not understanding...
  19. ArsenalGunner

    Uber Select Ripoff

    So, I'm a brand new Uber Select driver. Traded in my Uber X car for a luxury Uber Select car. Apparently, because it is not an SUV, I do not have the ability just to choose Uber Select...meaning I have to do both Select and X rides. Well, lets just say, three days since my update from X to...