uber screews it's drivers

  1. UberNOT4me

    The truth!

    http://ondemandeco.com/the-daily-life-of-an-uber-driver-as-told-by-an-uber-driver-verbatim/ “A Day in the Life of an Uber Driver Almost a year ago, I began driving for Uber. At the time, I was struggling to get by on my income as a freelance graphic designer and professional musician, and it...
  2. 7

    Uber lowers rates Lyft follows suit

    Well as I said and now it's happened Lyft has lowered its rates not as bad as Uber however the profit for the drivers has definetly taken a dump. Yup and Lyft is using the same line of crap lower rates more rides equals more money for the driver. In reality lower rates more rides equals more...
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    Uber Drivers Unite

    Uber Drivers are you finally getting feed up with UBERS ABUSE ? I've spoken with several Tampa Bay Drivers in the past few days and without exception there all sick of Uber stuffing it to them so now I'm trying to reach out to the rest of you. A few weeks ago I posted in here about Uber Freedom...
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    Tampa Bay Uber Drivers Get Ready

    Tampa Bay Uber Drivers turn around Bend Over Don't Forget Some KY Jelly for your red hole spread your checks wide Uber is inserting it again starting next week X Rudes are going to Pay You a hole .5 cents a loaded mile over what it costs you to operate your car under these conditions. WOW don't...
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    Uber drivers need to come together

    I strongly urge all Uber drivers to check into Uber Freedom on Facenook if you sick of Uber getting rich by riding on your backs and plain screwing you than you need to band together to fight the tyrant make no mistake Uber Managment is a Tyrant run. The only way to get fair play from them will...