uber scam alert

  1. JasonB

    First quest in 6 mos completed, Uber won't pay

    So, got a quest for the first time in well over 6 months last week, 50 rides for $100 extra, with 85% acceptance rate and 25% completion rate. Completed the requirements before 11 pm last night, which was the end of the promotion. Apparently, after completing all the requirements, Uber feels...
  2. A

    Alternative pricing.

    Would it be ok to offer 25% off to someone on a rideshare? Like use venmo and tell the pax that youll offer them 25% off of ubers bull**** upfront pricing if they pay you on venmo or cash. I was thinking thats literally the greatest way of combating ubers garbage system.
  3. Safe_Driver_4_U

    hmmm guess what just happened

    I decide to take an Uber ride, I just dropped of the car for repairs. I have the driver app open and I open the rider app, plenty of cars around, this should be quick and easy and no surge....great. I order a pool to see if anyone takes it, app says" sorry Uber not available in this area"! huh...
  4. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Did anyone else get this suspicious email?

    So I received this unsolicited email a few days ago but I have no idea how they got my email. The only organisation that knows I drive in Brisbane is Uber and the ATO. I'm going to assume that the ATO hasn't been selling our details so how did they get my details? Why would I want an Amazon...