#uber scam

  1. Jamesbw27

    BEWARE! DON’T FALL FOR THE “180 Days now change”

    DRIVERS BEWARE: The new feature that was released today says that drivers will now be compensated for long pick ups. Good right? Well. First trip of the day. 25 miles to pick her up. I’m thinking I’m getting paid for some of those miles with this new feature. That’s why I accepted it. However...
  2. clintonk

    Hi I'm Clint and I used to be relatively happy and smile a lot.

    As I'm reading the predatory lease I signed I know I'm not alone, I just feel like it - a lot of us signed. I have a credit score of 810 so there was no need for me to sign a lease. It would have been cheaper to buy a car. I feel so stupid. I've only been doing this a month. Why am I paying to...