uber referral

  1. G

    Has anyone ever had to deal with Uber not awarding the sign up bonus you signed up for?

    TLDR; When I signed up for Uber it was through a referral code I found online for $750. Now they are telling me it's only for $100 even though support on the phone and email said they would award the $750 if I had proof. Has anyone had problems like this and what did/can you do to solve it? So...
  2. V@l

    Come on Uber you can do better than this. Only £50 for new referrals

    UBER: You could receive £50 for every friend you refer who already has a Private Hire Licence, signs up and completes 50 trips between 14th November and the end of 4th December! Refer now at http://t.uber.com/contact-picker Terms apply http://t.uber.com/referral_t&c Reply STOP to unsubscribe...
  3. afrojoe824

    Uber says refer and get $100 On their first trip given

    Did Anyone else get that desperate Email by Uber?? They never offered any money upfront before. It used to with some conditions to be met. However, this time said get $100 when you refer someone and they give their first ride. Then get another $250 when they complete 40 rides. This is where...