uber ratings

  1. Karl Marx

    Nate Silver weighs in on Uber's ratings sytem.

    Given that an equilibrium has emerged where any rating lower than 5 stars means your Uber/Lyft driver was bad, they should probably just replace the 5-star scale with a simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down.
  2. U

    Lyft pax crack me up.

    Keep in mind: I use Uber and Lyft within the same day and never accept Lyft Line or 10+ min away requests. I also opt down into UberX for surges. Oddly enough, I've never gotten any complaints from Uber pax during the same time period... Now I can really relate to some of the criticisms...
  3. agtg

    Star Wars: Attack of the PAX! Or, why are your 5 star ratings disappearing?

    Here's a possible scenario: Since the rating system is shrouded in mystery, and you have no idea who is rating what, a rider can take multiple trips over a weekend and end up getting dinged. Since they have no idea who dinged them, but are feeling vengeful, they simply go back and hammer...
  4. Edman

    Uber Rating System, Is It Fair?

    Uber Rating System, Is It Fair? For Uber Rating System, 4.6 rating is Poor performance and Uber will deactivate you for that kind of rating. Generally speaking, we know that 5 star rating is Best Rating or perfect rating and 4 stars is generally considered Good rating. However, Uber sees 4.6...
  5. jayoncé_

    Serious Ratings Issues

    Am I the only one who is having an issue with the ratings system? I see multiple posts about it but I genuinely don't understand (and am a bit pissed off at this point). Somehow my rating dipped down to a 4.67 to start this week off. For some perspective, I have a total of 64 lifetime trips and...
  6. UberReallySucks

    Uber Rated F by Better Business Bureau

    1093 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 661 closed in last 12 months Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints Advertising/Sales Issues 497 Billing/Collection Issues 129 Delivery Issues 75 Guarantee/Warranty Issues 8 Problems with Product/Service 384 Total Closed Complaints 1093...
  7. UberNOT4me

    90% 5 Star ratings but according to Uber it below average.

    I have been driving a lot less for Uber ever since the recent rate cuts. I used to drive 75% Uber & 25% Lyft. Now I do 10% Uber and 90% Lyft. So today I get my weekly email from Uber. I have probably done around 25 - 30 trips in the last 2 weeks and as you can see only 21 passengers rated me...
  8. N

    Won't Be Long Before Deactivated

    Blah Blah Blah
  9. S

    Omg New York new driver be alerted start driving with uber

    So far i have been driving with uber 1 week in new york (112 trip) most of them were short anyway before i used to drive with "uber t" its like in a day three or two trip. My rating was always up than 4.80 when i leave driving with yellow cab and start driving with "uber x" first three days was...
  10. SharedRideTruther

    This Is Why Your Drunk Riders Ratings Of YOU (Driver) Are Laughably Sad

    This right here is exactly why you should NEVER give a monkey a hand grenade. Riders, including the drunk $5 fares in your not so favorite college town, are given over 7 ways to judge us, and I'm actually seeing the carnival ride nature of this Uber shizzle more clearly now. As a driver, I get...