uber rates

  1. BAKAD

    Uber X started with a rate of $3.25 per mile - If Uber stayed near this rate they would be printing $$$$ - July 2012

    Oh, how this hurts to see how badly Uber messed up their business model. Article from July 2012 "The pricing for Uber X rides will be a $5 base fee, with a $3.25 per-mile charge there afterward. This is 35% cheaper than Uber’s current black car rates and will open the service up to a more...
  2. BadLarry

    Here’s How You Make $300/day with Ubers New Rates

    Here is how you make $300 a day with the new Uber rates... First, you must drive WITH A PAX IN YOUR VEHICLE for 8 hrs straight. Maybe you’ll be lucky and drive Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy MUST BE in your vehicle on-app for the full 8 hours and you MUST DRIVE EXACTLY 30 mph. .66 /mile X 30 mph X 8...
  3. Daisy&Cream

    Why are LA and OC rates much lower than us?

    Does anyone know why? Places like Seattle, Chicago, SF, NY and Boston are being paid "big city" rates as you'd expect but LA is excluded from this. Why such big discrepancy?
  4. Russ Reed

    Let's talk earning boosts and Uber's Cut

    Hey lads and lassies. I miss the incentives over the earnings boosts. You can capatilize at bit more. With that said: I notices that with your earning boosts and Uber's cut, it ACTUALLY wipes OUT your earnings, is my math wrong or am I on par??? Feedback helpful!!!
  5. GILD

    What is the MAX a driver can make on UBER per week?

    Im going to use these rates as example. 90 cents a mile and min fare $4.20 Los Angeles .90 cent a mile. min fare $4.65, driver still makes $2.40 Miami .85 cents a mile. min fare $5.00, driver makes $2.60 Chicago .90 mile min fare $4.20, driver still makes $2.40 Austin 1.00 mile $5.00 min fare...
  6. JasonB

    Life as an Uber driver is starting to suck in a MAJOR way...

    Here are a few reasons (my personal observations) that being an Uber driver is no longer what it was, before this latest round of rate cuts. Feel free to agree/disagree or add in your own... 1. Before: Hearing the 'Beep...beep....beep' on your phone was fun and exciting. Almost like money...
  7. JasonB

    North County Uber Drivers Finally Had enough?

    Surging in Solana Beach at midnight on a Wednesday? Can't remember the last time that has happened... Less cars on the road? I'm thinking that North County Uber drivers aren't that many... perhaps 600-700 who drive up here consistently, perhaps LESS? Would not take getting too many of us on...
  8. JasonB

    WTF is going on with the Uber rates? Is it just me?!

    Hey all- Anyone notice a substantial drop-off in earnings the last couple of days? I see a few similar gripes taking a quick look at some of the thread titles, so I'm guessing I'm probably not alone here... Try and follow the logic here: 11 mins to PAX destination, located at grocery store...
  9. 2hot2handle

    Uber Adds Jaguar Tickets And Veterans Donations To App Yet No Tips..HAHA

    If that doesn't tell you how your employer, partner, boss or whatever really think about you then...... Uber makes sure they can hook everybody up but still no tips for the people that make them the money must be nice for them. Makes me think they don't give a shit but maybe we are last in line.