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uber promises

  1. Kawiz03

    Uber Drive In

    anyone else get this "exclusive invite" for one I dont goto Baltimore two Sunday is a decent catch up day so why waste it?
  2. briandriver

    Inside info on Bonus purpose and more

    Gave ride to lady today. Her husband is a local LA Uber exec. She doesn't work for Uber herself. This info is what her husband tells her. She says Uber's main current thrust is to dominate the "taxi" business. Looks like they're doing pretty well along that path. Largest taxi company in SFO...
  3. K

    I got this joke of an excuse text from Uber to try and make me go back to mornings

    I open my text and see a text from Fuber saying there will be a big need tomorrow morning from 5am-10 am with "likely surge". It ended by encouraging me to drive during that time. So, I stopped doing early mornings. I have school starting up, and I teach at the university, so I have no time...