uber pools

  1. Uberchampion

    Best Uber poo drive ever!

    At 2 am I get a ping while I'm driving and accept it without really looking. It's a frigging pool. I don't cancel it because I keep getting those threatening text messages from Uber about my cancellation rate. I pick up this couple west of the Allen and the guy says there are two stops. I...
  2. M

    Uber Pool

    Just another way for Uber to maximize profits and overwork drivers. While they are collecting fares for two riders the drivers who take increased risk and liability get paid the same as if they had one. Yes you might make 2 more minutes or an extra block but your now doing twice the work for 1/2...
  3. OneWiseAcre

    3 Pickup 3 Drop Off Uber Pool Rides?

    Two days ago , Thursday October 1st , I received my first 3 pickup/ drop off Uber pool request. This was in Downtown LA. I do not like to refuse any trip requests , but the passengers already in my car from the first 2 pickups , kindly asked , if I would cancel the third pickup , which came to...