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uber pool

  1. Frank Underwood

    Uber & Lyft Poop Rides!

    Uber Poop (pool) and Lyft Line riders are so damn annoying and full of themselves! Before you guys bash me, I tend to take the poop ride and cancel on the second customer. I do only one ride because it's basically all you can get on these stupid apps. I do have a certain condition. If the...
  2. N

    Lyft Line & Uber Pool

    Both of these services are not available in my area at this time. As a result of this I am not aware of the full picture pros and cons for both pax and driver. Would you please provide me some facts on these? Also does it stop at 4 pax max or if you have an XL does it continue to 6 max...
  3. R

    UBER POOL 101 for all new drivers !!!!!!!

    so a lot of people have been boycotting uber pool for various reasons. I personally still take uber pools but not to make uber money but to stop them from stealing more money. How uber pool works 1st pax = regular discounted price payed to you! pickup...
  4. Vulture212

    UBER Pool Cheats

    Whats your experience with POOL PAX? I'm in N Bucks and 50% of the pings I get are for pool; most are millennials who want to save at my expense...... I'm in a semi-rural area and I get lots of pool pings going from one end of Q'town/Sellersville/Perkasie, etc ....Not one pool ping after I get...
  5. rembrandt

    Lyft Line now match original lyft rate

    It looks like Lyft is raising the stakes vs UberPool. Let us see how Uber reacts. ================================== Starting today, we've increased rates for time and distance on Lyft Line rides nationwide - they now match original Lyft, wherever you drive. It's our long-standing belief that...
  6. popcollar2014

    I accepted Pool and stepped in it big time.

    I ended up logging off 1 ride later.
  7. F

    How to Turn Uber pool to ATM or money machine

    1- accept accept all low rated always No show 4 fool ! ! they want use your car as bus ! low rated. remmber ! " The only way to make money and profit in Uber pool is to Cancel No Show ! you must accept , Pool first !!! than go play "hide and lets them Seek" {No SHOW} ! No call...
  8. JoeSF

    South bay 8.1 mi away, really?

    Went from SFO to San Jose, then set DF back to SF, immediately got this stupid pool (of course did not accept). Just a few seconds after boom, got a X to SFO 4 minutes away. Do Someone accept pools "8.1 miles away"on DF?
  9. Fostel

    Opt-out from Uber pool service. Automated response.

    Uber, when challenged about a private hire and rideshare differences regarding hire and reward policy issues, will refuse to understand and give an automated respond saying that opting-out is not possible. First attempt Second respond
  10. Prius13

    Uber Pool ad winner

    If you saw the video from Uber email, of course the "couple" had to be Flips. Mabuhay mga Flips! Galeng Nila Kuya.. Sorry if I should be in the Manila forum.. Pero galeng talaga ng Uber.. Ay eto pala Uber Fool ad winner.. Uber Fool daw is the new Tinder. Lolz...
  11. UberPatAtl

    Uber won't let me opt out of Uber Pool

    I have sent two request to Uber requesting that they remove me from Uber Pool. I finally received a response saying the Uber Pool was mandated by my state (Lawrenceville, GA) and I could not opt out. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Edman

    Does Discrimination and Harassment Apply to Contractors?

    The way Uber is treating Drivers does below question apply? "Does discrimination and harassment apply to contractors?" Question comes up due to some drivers receiving special text or emails for example below links. https://uberpeople.net/threads/big-bonus.150453/ Is this not considered...
  13. Dr. Ub

    Would you support a product that exploits thousands of drivers? Don't request or accept Uberpool!

    Dr. UbNew Member Location: Boston Uber Pool benefits the riders and Uber. Uber pool exploits the drivers without mercy. I no longer accept pool except maybe when I am on a destination trip. Lately, I've made a point not to accept any pool rides, period. Returning home empty feels good and is...
  14. Edman

    Pool POO everywhere you go.

    UberPOO Stinks....
  15. ya mon its me

    Uber pool: Is each pick up considered "1 trip" as per the 25 trips for the weekly guarantee?!?!

    I need to ask you!!!!!! when you are on Uber Pool, is each pick up considered an individual trip!?!? I need to make 25 trips during peak. If I picked up a pool with 3 separate pick ups, is that considered 3 trips!??! I need to know! Please reply ASAP!!! I looked at my completed trips and it...
  16. Edman

    UberPOOl Pax gave me 3 stars........

    UberPOOL pax gave me 3 stars for navigation, my payment was $2.80... She said in her complaint: Uber driver did not arrive at the correct pickup location. However, I was there at the correct pickup address that she entered. She was the one that entered a wrong pickup address giving me a lower...
  17. B

    1 rider on POOL still gets discount?

    So the trend for riders is to book a POOL ride with the hopes of nobody else adding on to their rider, because they still get a discount of the overall fare. Is this true? All my riders say it is and I notice my pay is a lot lower as well. I believe that riders who select pool should still pay...
  18. L

    ALERT! Uber is forcing Pool on Chicagoland Pax and drivers.

    On Saturday 1/14/2016 Uber was forcing riders to choose Pool in the Chicagoland area. I had multiple riders today complaining that they could not select X as Uber Pooper Scooper was the only option that was selectable Hey stup!d d!ckhead Uber Execs! Did you ever stop to think that Pool would...
  19. Chip_London

    The Uber Pool Math

    Hey guys, I tried to go over the math of Uber pool in my latest blog post: http://uberdriverlondon.co.uk/the-uber-pool-math/ Am I making a mistake there or is it as it is? More work for less money? I'm not trying to promote anything, just curious if the math is right. Cheers!
  20. CaptSteve

    Uber streamlines matchmaking within Pool

    Techcrunch news on Uber Pool. Note they mention by name the Uber Pool Product Managers by name...so you now know who to blame for the foolishness...that is Uber Pool. https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/12/uberpool-streamlines-matchmaking-pickups-and-driver-side-features/?ncid=rss