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uber pay cut

  1. Buddywannarideagain

    Low paid cities. Tweet for higher pay

    tweet for better rates in 2018 I do it all the time. Do you ? (And you self defeaters who think you know it all shut up in advance) @ Uber handle @uber_support @ anyone who can help !
  2. C

    Uber did this to the driving industry..

    Just when cab companies were getting ready to lease their cabs in vegas and finally drivers to get some respect while uber drivers were making money at 1.80 a mile as we all know they screwed the drivers rate in half. Cab companies laughed all day night they did not have to change anything just...
  3. cutdc

    XL Drivers take a big pay cut!

    I sold my car and bought a mini van recently, quite frankly, because the X payout had been reduced to only cover gas, depreciation and maintenance of the car. Driving X is driving for free. BTW, changing vehicles was no easy task! Within a month of my switch, I get a request that before I can...
  4. Kawaski

    Uber drivers, let's unite for 1 week...

    Everyday, it is becoming more and more evident that I am Uber's flunky. Uber shows their drivers 0 appreciation. Even over the holidays, they could not find it in themselves to increase their rates to resemble somewhat of a holiday bonus for their drivers or add a tip option to their app. Last...
  5. M

    Uber whorrrrres out the Las Vegas Market and their drivers. How would Mark Cuban run Vegas?

    Mark Cuban said on record the biggest mistake of his life was not investing in uber. I think they should give him the Vegas Market just let him take over bring rates up and could even match cab rates without any objection. Everyone is here to leave tips and spend money not be brainwashed to punk...