uber partner app

  1. naamang

    Does Uber Partner App work on rooted android phones?

    I have a Samsung Note 4 (Sprint) and want to root (jailbreak) it so I can use it as a wifi hotspot for my second phone (iphone 4S). Does anyone know if the Uber driver app works on rooted Android phones?
  2. Fostel

    Flawed UBER (Partner) Driver app...

    I decided to sum up and point out flaws that I am experiencing with Driver app and UBER in general. What a shame. Technology company and such a poor app. 1. Now, the best feature, home destination is missing. 2. Payments are processed slow. 3. In the middle of the trip app is loosing...
  3. shackelstar

    Uber Partner App

    For a job that has to be done entirely on our phones, you would think the partner app would at least be stable. I've never used a buggier app in my entire life. -map always stops showing details sporadically -surges won't show up after drop offs without an app restart -surge events crash the...
  4. doitfortheuber

    Uber Partner app on Android vs iPhone

    Just started driving less than a week ago but I've read several different threads in this forum and it sounds like the Uber Partner app is a lot better on the Android platform than on IOS. True or False?
  5. N

    Partner App Issues

    Hi all! I am a new Uber driver and am anxious to start ASAP. I installed the partner app a few days a go and all has been fine in its operation since my account was approved for driving. However, as of around 12:30am PST the app has become completely useless. Whenever I open it the Uber...
  6. RideShare Hundredaire

    Uber Partner App: Switching Android to iOS

    Hello everyone! I'm new to Uber and just joined the forum, although I've been reading it for awhile now. I have a quick question. My android phone just died on me, Sprint gave me an iPhone to use until my replacement arrives in a few days. I don't want to miss driving this weekend but when I...
  7. azion1995

    Partner app compatible with VPN software?

    Is the Uber Partner app compatible with Android phone VPN software? In other words, if I run my VPN software while running the Uber Partner app, will the VPN prevent me from receiving pickup notices, etc.? Thanks, -Z
  8. Steve_TX

    Uber Partner App - No more ping sound, just pop-up msg.

    I am using Uber Partner app v3.94.0, and an iPhone 6 w/ iOS v9.2.1 (both are latest). Uber Partner app now only gives me a pop-up msg. to notify me of incoming pax requests, no sound at all. If I'm not looking at my iPhone, or itis in my pocket, I may not notice a new pax request coming in...