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  1. tohunt4me

    New Orleans Pot Holes

    How many times have YOU DRIVEN OVER THIS ? Lucky this didn't open up under a heavy Street car !look at the tracks nearby in photo !
  2. U

    Macdill Airbase Shutsdown Uber Driver!

    Well he's a little advice for drivers picking up pax headed to Mcdill Airbase in Tampa Florida. But first, Here's my story. At around 10:00pm on 3/14/15 I got a ping from a hotel, I picked up 2 female pax. One pax wanted to go home around Bayshore Blvd then after that, she wanted for me to take...
  3. evannacooper

    28, single mom of 2 here to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, don't let the disrespect define you.

    So yeah, single mom. I work nights exclusively but slowly adding in hours in the afternoon now that my sister is able to watch the kids for me. I don't like to talk about my looks....but I was brought up to look my best no matter what it is I do. That being said I still dress modestly, I'm not...