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  1. unitxero

    How do I surrender my TLC plates?

    So you've decided to end your journey as a glorious and highly respected ant. 🐜 This simple guide will help you in ending your FHV driving mistake. So you can be a normal functioning citizen on the sidewalks of new york once again. (bicyclist excluded) This guide assumes you wish to keep your...
  2. F

    TLC Vehicle license pending STILL .. duplicate VIN

    Has anyone had issues with tlc application due to VIN duplicate . I submitted my application on August 14 2018 , and as of today it’s still pending , I went to the office to check on it and those rude unprofessional people tell me they don’t know that I will get. A phone call . That was 3 weeks...
  3. F

    Tlc application no update no help

    I’ve been calling TLC , (no response and if they do they tell me idk) I went to the office and this rude @@@@@@@ said , “there’s 12,000 applications and idk when “... anyways I submitted my application August 14,2018 .... it’s about to be a month and no approval, the only thing I got was an...
  4. J

    Uber Cap Nyc - Can I become a Uber Driver in Nyc in October 2018?

    Hi guys, Just read about Uber cap, I was planning to start Uber X Tlc exams and car rental and activity by the end of october. Is this cap on? Is it really not possible anymore to become a Uber driver in any on New York city area? Harlem? brooklyn? I'd appreciate your help cause I can't find...
  5. AltimatedUber

    Is Uber rounding up the tips you receive now?

    I noticed on two of my trips today I am not getting a full dollar amount. Anyone else? Uber is finding more and more ways to screw the driver.
  6. Leo A Martinez

    Questions about registering and renting a car to uber drivers...

    Good afternoon, i have a few questions about a car that i want to rent: 1. I bought a Camry from a Texas dealer, they will sent me the documents and title ready to register it, i live in NJ and my address its from there also: - can i register this car in NY? - Do i need to register it for...

    POOL REQUESTS *3.9,4.1,4.2,4.4

    hellow As we all know thay like uber messed the uberblack work by offering new cars with cheap rates by offering uber x.now uber encourages riders to take uber pool insted of uber x.but the requests thay i get on pool are low rating people waiting for a bus People dont get black because...
  8. Michael - Cleveland

    The Downside of Ride-Hailing: More New York City Gridlock. NYTimes3/6/2017

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/06/nyregion/uber-ride-hailing-new-york-transportation.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1&ex_cid=SigDig The Downside of Ride-Hailing: More New York City Gridlock New York Times - March 6 2017 New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority gets part of its financing...
  9. thisisnotfair

    The cons of driving in NYC

    I really do feel bad for these drivers Taking out 20-70k loans and not even paying a year on the car and it having so many damages. You end up paying 20k for a Toyota that's worth 8k when you finish paying it. Lmao this is funny Feel free to post pics of people's denty cars. I've seen a...
  10. john amaral

    Uber Eats Bike

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of starting Uber Eats or messenger since I have a cycling bike. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on accessories I should have with me ( ex: a basket for my bike, a backpack ext ) Also, any suggestions on best times and days? I'm going to mostly...
  11. J

    It's official Uber cuts rates in NYC

    I just got a email from Uber NYC, and it's official they are dropping prices in NYC. Let's see what the TLC has to say about that.
  12. tommy4689

    If you are about to join Uber

    PM if you are about to sign up for Uber NYC . I will give you $150 ( Cash, PayPal, Prepaid Card) once you complete your first trip. This is only for the first 3 people who join using my ref link before February 18th. New Uber drivers ONLY! I am doing this so that I can keep 100% of Uber fees in...
  13. U

    tlc car questions NYC

    Hello, I am a student and I've been researching uber for the past two days non stop and thinking of joining after I get my tlc license and everything. 1) whats the oldest care year you can have? IN NYC.. 2009 or 2011? (I've head both) I read something about the only tlc cars that can exist in...
  14. BrooklynDodger

    Personlized NYC TLC Plates

    I ordered personlized NYC Tlc plates to brand the business. Does anyone know the process for notifying Uber and Tlc?
  15. BrooklynDodger

    UberX (SUV) New vs Uber Black SUV

    Just recently signed up for Uber with my Black 2011 Chevy Suburban LTZ. Picked up a couple of riders and noticed that all my pings werer UberX. Reached out to my friend who has a black suv and he told me that his account is set up to only accept uber black jobs. So I reached out to uber and...
  16. Bilal Tariq

    used car buying advice, please

    So the market in nyc requires the car to be 2011 or 2009 depending on tlc plates. Let's assume at least 2011 is required. Which means car can be no older than 5 years. Now if I buy a 2011 for ubering, would the car still be uber eligible next year ? Next year car Wil be older than 5 years...