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uber not paying

  1. Hijosmio

    Not paid for a trip

    Last night a picked up a girl and her rude as boyfriend from Montgomery Mall by the Cheese Cake Factory. I ask the girl for her name. She said "Britt, Brittany" The name of the passanger I was to pickup was Brittany. The destination was Greenbelt when we were getting off the exit the...
  2. Arriel

    Uber withholding large fare from NYE (needs special approval)

    I know this is a long post but it is important to tell the whole story Just after 1:00am I had a Pax from a Fort lauderdale beach resort request a ride (7.3 Surge) for what I'm assuming was his escort. On the way there he texted me to tell me that I would be picking up Andrea I told him ok. Not...