uber lying to drivers

  1. NotThatJerseyShoreGuy

    Uber Adjustment to $0 without reason

    I picked up a couple in Manasquan NJ going to a great bar in Asbury Park. Good conversation, no incidents. Three hours later Uber sends me this: "We reviewed this trip and the data shows that the ride did not go to the destination entered in the Uber app. Additionally, the trip appears to be...
  2. Jake2016

    Is it How Uber Scams Drivers and Riders?

    Going through a 2x+ surge, which is dwindling, and receive a 1.7x request. Here is what Uber ($16.91) and I ($12.91) receive: If you notice Uber keeping 57% of the fare (excluding their booking fee of $2.60), while this is Uber X and they are supposed to take only a 25% commission. Writing...
  3. M