uber lyft earnings

  1. B

    (UBER SEATTLE MONEY) : Let's talk and help each other

    Hey guys and gals, call me Benny. So I have diligently been reading up on this "Uber people" community for the past month to gather information on Seattle and other cities across the USA and as my profile says I am a new member and have finally decided to make a profile to speak up and put in my...
  2. L

    How to Participate in change

    hi guys, So in order to change uber and lyft pay scale we have to put pressure on our local elected officials. So bright and early I want you to find out who the president of your states Public Utility Commission is and give him a call. Be very polite and simply ask what steps are being taken to...
  3. FUberman

    Uber vs Lyft

    For every 5 Uber pings, I receive 1 Lyft ping. These are the job postings for the past few months. Am I in the driver minority making more on Uber than on Lyft?