uber logo

  1. SMH Uber

    Seen at ORD this morning

    This guy is all in. Would you deface your car in the name of rideshare? Have you all seen this guy out there? Must be a new ant.
  2. SurgeMasterMN

    New Trade Dress Logo for Uber

    I hate trade dress but they are enforcing it this weekend downtown MSP. So the question is has anyone here hooked up the new Trade Dress Logos at the office in Saint Paul? Was thinking about heading over there tomm and pick up the fresh logos for the ride. Check this out to see example of new...
  3. j4de305

    Uber illegal in Miami -

    Okay. Help me out here. I am told by police I cannot rideshare/ uber as it is illegal. I have to obtain county permit. Has anyone else obtained the permit ? I am also told that I have to carry uber paperwork and background check on me ? I must also have a uber logo on outside of vehicle in...