uber lies

  1. Djhuber63

    Caltex wah???

    Is anyone able to see the little Caltex icons and fuel prices the death star promise is there on the map? By the way Caltex Newlands Rd Coburg refuse to offer discount. Not Woolworths store.
  2. Punisher187

    Uber wants to draw positive media attention to themselves

    Will they be any different than Juno? If this is true expect 1,000,000 more driver after this becomes a reality. https://gizmodo.com/uber-just-asked-the-sec-permission-to-give-its-drivers-1829708257/amp
  3. H

    Uber hates us...

    Thier new app crashes and I get paid for 5 miles, not 9.6 plus 20 min drive time. They tell me it's because I took a shorter was...teleporting no doubt. They refuse to acknowledge there glitchy crashed and lost the start of my trip. 5 swarmy emails later, they still ignore what I am...
  4. New2This

    Stacked Ping Scam

    This evening I confirmed Uber's doing something shady. I know that's not news, but this particular case was. I thought it happened once before, but this time I got concrete proof. Got a 1.5X Surge Pool (spare me the hate, it's slow) going to upper Rockville/lower Gaithersburg and did the 'No...
  5. New2This

    Anyone going to the Uber meeting today?

    Anyone going to the Uber meeting this afternoon? I am just for the entertainment value. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. New2This

    Destination Filter Bullcrap

    So now they're going to not have it be in use at certain times in certain areas? WTF Dara can suck it. If this is the Year of the Driver, imagine next year when they're pissed at drivers...
  7. L

    Want to expose Uber employees? Post here.

    There's a lot of paranoia in the NYC forum about uber employees infiltrating the forum. I think most of it is uncalled for, but I do believe that employees of Uber routinely monitor and post in this forum... to try and suppress "rumors" of such concepts as Uber stealing tips... among other...
  8. DeplorableDonald

    Uber Bait and Switch at Nats Park

    I went to Nats Park a little after 9 for the 1.7X Boost from 9-11. I get a ping to the Uber Pickup Zone. There was no Boost showing but I assumed that the Uber Pickup Zone would be in the Boost zone. Evidently not. I'm waiting for a response from Rohit and the gang. That would be typical Uber...
  9. Karl Marx

    Uber is a nightmare: They’re selling a big lie — and the New York Times keeps buying it

    http://www.salon.com/2016/04/09/uber_is_a_nightmare_theyre_selling_a_big_lie_and_the_new_york_times_keeps_buying_it/ In case any of you poor devils are still doing the POOL
  10. Karl Marx

    A Little Prayer for Uber Drivers.

    Uber Driver's Prayer As I wander and drive the city for rides, My dash cam keeps me safe and alive. Minimum fares elude me online, This driving for Uber is nothing but lies. Copyright Karl Marx 2017 https://soundcloud.com/timeisup/survivor
  11. N

    Reporting Ubers Upfront Pricing to the FTC

    If drivers want to make uber stop this ripoff that effects us all more than some even realize, follow this step by step and report uber to the ftc! IF WE ALL TAKES 5 MINUTES TO REPORT THIS TO FTC THEY WOULD START AN INVESTIGATION IMMEDIATELY, and THERE WILL BE CHANGE. ITS the ftc, the don't...
  12. N

    I quit and reported uber to the ftc

    I am done with uber specifically. Ubers upfront pricing is a bigger fraud then I originally though it was, the upfront pricing is a huge scam that effects the drivers more than we as drivers may be aware of. My last week I asked riders what they paid. Uber took 58% and that is NOT INCLUDING...
  13. New2This

    Uber Bullshit Games

    I've been doing my CE classes all day today. Figured I'd go be a surge harlot this evening . I know a few spots that almost always surge weekend nights. Go to one honeyhole. Allegedly up to 2.2X surge near me. You see the result. Same clown twice 20 minutes away & another 15 minutes away. All...
  14. Modern-Day-Slavery

    The Acceptance Rate Myth

    Let me expose the truth behind Uber's acceptance rate requirements to qualify for incentives. When they say you need a minimum 80% acceptance rate per hour, that actually means 100%. How? Well, in a single hour you would almost never receive 10 trip requests. 4 requests is more realistic it...
  15. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Uber Gets Caught In The Act

    A fellow forum member received a very concerning message from Uber in which Uber attempts to shake off responsibility for anything. Here is an extract from the letter from Uber to a Driver: WOW.. here they go again. Uber is now trying to place emphasis on the fact that you are an...
  16. BillyGoat

    When a driver gets motivated enough to document the deception (Screenshots)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this. A ping comes in and claims the rider is 1 minute away. The driver cheerfully accepts the close ride, only to discover moments later that he has embarked on a 15+ minute unpaid journey, most likely to take the rider a short distance. A...
  17. CommanderXL

    Don't be fooled by Uber's Fuel Card savings claims

    Uber claims that by using the Uber Fuel Card you will save "up to 15¢/gallon." From my experience, the savings actually comes to about 2.7%, NOT 15¢!!! To actually save 15¢/gal as claimed, the price of gas would have to be $5.55/gal. Right now in Tampa it's about $1.65/gal so your savings will...
  18. Charles Pro Driver

    Best thing i could do...

    The best thing I could do was to stop driving Uber on October 25, 2015 just got my 1099. I made $5197.60 and drove 3204 mi. in September and October but racked up 9364 mi in two months. Uber is a total joke I recruited 22 drivers and only 2 drove the 20 rides. I signed up 65 Uber rides and was...
  19. K

    I got this joke of an excuse text from Uber to try and make me go back to mornings

    I open my text and see a text from Fuber saying there will be a big need tomorrow morning from 5am-10 am with "likely surge". It ended by encouraging me to drive during that time. So, I stopped doing early mornings. I have school starting up, and I teach at the university, so I have no time...
  20. 7

    Facebook Uber Freedom

    Hi Folks I'm not saying that this orginazation is the answer to stopping Uber's abusive practices but I am saying at least take a look at it from what I've read they appear to be on the right track. The only way to change Uber's unfair practices will be to organize and stick together without...