uber lies to passangers

  1. GILD

    Ubers REAL pay, According to uber email. $24000 a year driving 30 hrs a week.

    Fare per hour Top Drivers$31 hours online Top Drivers 28.5 Trips a week Top Drivers 54 These are UBERS numbers they send to us in Emails. $883 in Fares According to UBER! A week! From top Drivers for UBER. TOP! minus $81 in Booking fees for 54 trips. At 1.50 per minus 25% Uber Take $200...
  2. 7

    Facebook Uber Freedom

    Hi Folks I'm not saying that this orginazation is the answer to stopping Uber's abusive practices but I am saying at least take a look at it from what I've read they appear to be on the right track. The only way to change Uber's unfair practices will be to organize and stick together without...