uber lies to drivers

  1. Berbero

    Uber IS NOT educating riders. Lies lies

    Each time I pick up someone from an illegal pick-up area, especially in the CBD, I try to educate them about the illegal spots where they shouldn't stand when requesting a ride. Every one of them said that they didn't know about that and they thanked me for letting them know. Uber is lying to...
  2. New2This

    Uber Bullshit Games

    I've been doing my CE classes all day today. Figured I'd go be a surge harlot this evening . I know a few spots that almost always surge weekend nights. Go to one honeyhole. Allegedly up to 2.2X surge near me. You see the result. Same clown twice 20 minutes away & another 15 minutes away. All...
  3. H

    Get your own tip sign! And a rating question.

    Lol, today I have been back to LAX three times. Each time my tip sign has caught the attention of other drivers. Get your own sign! Lol lol lol. All I did was a simple Google search "funny tip signs" Don't everybody go and copy my sign. Yall drivers are so thirsty! Anyway, this brings me to a...
  4. Fireguy50

    Are guarantees a lie?

    Uber guaranteed $2,000 to drive the Memorial Day weekend in Detroit. So if guarantees were true why aren't there hundreds of people bragging about the big payday they made?
  5. GILD

    Ubers REAL pay, According to uber email. $24000 a year driving 30 hrs a week.

    Fare per hour Top Drivers$31 hours online Top Drivers 28.5 Trips a week Top Drivers 54 These are UBERS numbers they send to us in Emails. $883 in Fares According to UBER! A week! From top Drivers for UBER. TOP! minus $81 in Booking fees for 54 trips. At 1.50 per minus 25% Uber Take $200...
  6. Modern-Day-Slavery

    The Acceptance Rate Myth

    Let me expose the truth behind Uber's acceptance rate requirements to qualify for incentives. When they say you need a minimum 80% acceptance rate per hour, that actually means 100%. How? Well, in a single hour you would almost never receive 10 trip requests. 4 requests is more realistic it...
  7. BillyGoat

    When a driver gets motivated enough to document the deception (Screenshots)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this. A ping comes in and claims the rider is 1 minute away. The driver cheerfully accepts the close ride, only to discover moments later that he has embarked on a 15+ minute unpaid journey, most likely to take the rider a short distance. A...
  8. 7

    Facebook Uber Freedom

    Hi Folks I'm not saying that this orginazation is the answer to stopping Uber's abusive practices but I am saying at least take a look at it from what I've read they appear to be on the right track. The only way to change Uber's unfair practices will be to organize and stick together without...