uber legal

  1. Taxi2Rideshare

    Uber Legal settles another driver lawsuit for $1.3M, loses others

    Uber, the company spearheading the push toward our third world wages, just settled another one of its class action lawsuits: http://src.bna.com/Eo0 The case dealt with protections breached under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which establishes, among other issues, the minimum standard for wages...
  2. J

    Uber is legal now in Newark Penn and EWR

    It's official Uber has finally paid the Newark corrupt city to operate in Newark city Penn and EWR. Finally no more damn tickets.
  3. L

    Is Uber Legal in Tampa Florida.

    I have seen several stories about Uber being Illegal in Tampa Bay. Does anyone know the truth ? As of April 27, 2016 .
  4. Z

    Law student learned in the law respectfully asking uber for more info to avoid civil/criminal punish

    Here is my communication with uber after lawsuit/prelim injunction. filed, which makes many ubers worried. They still do not seem to care as I didn't receive responses to my emails, but did receive emails subsequently that focused on making 'partners more money' aka uber more money . Attached...
  5. RideShareStrategy

    To opt out or not?

    Generally, class action suits benefit employees/former employees quite a bit. I don't like to be bound to arbitration, so I'm thinking of opting out. What about you?