uber lawsuit

  1. Nina2

    Judge dismisses defunct startup Sidecar's 2018 lawsuit against Uber

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/judge-dismisses-defunct-startup-sidecars-005747010.html A federal judge in San Francisco dismissed a 2018 lawsuit brought against Uber by defunct startup Sidecar Technologies Inc, which pioneered on-demand ride-hailing. The judge gave Sidecar an opportunity to...
  2. Nina2

    Uber, Postmates Sue California to Block Gig-Worker Law

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/uber-postmates-sue-california-block-001742648.html Uber Technologies Inc. and Postmates Inc. sued the state of California, alleging that a labor rights law set to go into effect this week is unconstitutional. The lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles federal court...
  3. U

    Anyone else contacted about the Uber lawsuit?

    I was just contacted because I opted out. I doubt I'll see money, but I'm so ready to send them anything they want to squeeze Uber for cheating us drivers.
  4. The Rideshare Guy

    Who's Actually Opted out of Uber's Arbitration?

    So I know there are a lot of lawsuits against Uber out there but how many of you have actually opted out of Uber's arbitration? Most of these lawsuits won't be able to become class actions unless they get enough people who have opted out. I'm looking into a lawsuit that’s been brought by a...
  5. DeplorableDonald

    Another day, another Uber lawsuit

    This one could be bad for them. The A.D.A. is a Hillary when applied to business. There are groups that go around measuring toilet seat heights and door widths in businesses, then file lawsuits and collect big payouts from the businesses. I assume they named roadman as a defendant in the...
  6. Suwee

    Who is interested in taking part in a class action lawsuit against Uber?

    Uber has been stealing from the drivers way too long and especially in our turf (NJ). Who is tired of being treated like this? I got proof from my customer that he was charged more than what Uber is telling me!!! That BS formula about time and distance Uber tells us driver is fake. Uber...
  7. Michael - Cleveland

    Newark cabbies lawsuit against Uber, Lyft tossed | AP Jan 20 2017

    http://www.fox5ny.com/news/230411984-story Newark cabbies lawsuit against Uber, Lyft tossed AP Jan 20 2017 NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft operate differently from traditional taxi companies and therefore don't have to be subject to the same regulations, a federal...
  8. KVan

    NC Uber Driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555

    Uber losing in two upcoming law suits

    1. Judge nixes Uber safe rides fee-related $28.5 million settlement offer "Uber’s $28.5 million offer was rejected because it fell far short of the revenue Uber realized from the fees. Bloomberg reported that, as a result of improper redaction, a copy of the court rejection order revealed that...
  10. Michael - Cleveland

    Here’s whats going on with all of those Uber lawsuits - FUSION-16 June

    Here’s whats going on with all of those Uber lawsuits http://fusion.net/story/315350/uber-class-action-lawsuit-settlement/ Fusion - 16 June 2016 By Kristen V. Brown Uber is being sued by so many people right now that it can be hard to keep track. Last year, 50 lawsuits were filed against...
  11. HOUTXRon

    Shannon Liss-Riordan Signup Link

    Similar info may have been posted by other folks here earlier, but still wanted to share. She maintains a list of interested drivers who may be able to pursue individual claims if they are not able to join the current class-action lawsuit against Uber. Below is the response from her staff to...
  12. onelanka

    This lawyer fought for FedEx drivers and strippers. Now she's standing up for Uber drivers

    This lawyer fought for FedEx drivers and strippers. Now she's standing up for Uber drivers Biz Carson FULL ARTICLE HERE http://www.businessinsider.com/shannon-liss-riordan-the-lawyer-behind-ubers-lawsuit-2015-5 May 27, 2015, 4:26 PM 18,649 By using contractors instead of employees...
  13. afrojoe824

    Uber is about to pay its U.S. riders $28.5 million.

    Uber settles class action lawsuit for charging riders "Safe Rider Fees" According to the Washington Post. "The ride-booking company will pay $28.5 million to settle charges that its marketing and in-app information misled consumers about how safe the service was. Uber claimed to use phrases...
  14. biggplays1

    DONT forget to OPT-OUT of the new provision

    Dont forget to opt-out of the new mandatory provision that goes into effect 30 days after you accept the agreement. The provision states that you cannot be a part of any rewards or penalties if there is a class-action lawsuit or if you decide to file suit. The new provision forces drivers to...
  15. KevinH

    Calif. Judge Adds Uber FLSA Suit To Stack Of Driver Disputes

    Requires registration (free) for full article September 11, 2015 Calif. Judge Adds Uber FLSA Suit To Stack Of Driver Disputes A California federal judge took on a Fair Labor Standards Act suit Thursday alleging Uber Technologies Inc. denied drivers proper wages and overtime, expanding the raft...
  16. SharedRideTruther

    Uber Drivers NOT Independent Contractors. Lawsuit Damages Paid In Alaska

    Alaska state just won 78K from Uber for the lie of 'independent contractor' drivers. CLICK HERE to read about it, since it just happened Sept 3, 2015, 'quietly'. San Francisco is up next. I wonder, with the state of Alaska WINNING a judgement against UBER, what are the legal repercussions for...