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uber las vegas

  1. Comped Marketing


    MAKE MORE MONEY AS A RIDE-SHARE DRIVER IN LAS VEGAS!!! (UPDATE - Nevada does not have surge times this is new information we have received from your fellow drivers in the Las Vegas area) You recently beat a bill in the legislature that was trying to limit or stop your ability to operate...
  2. X Drive LV

    Las Vegas Uber Vehicle

    Hi, This is my first post. I'm wanting to upgrade to a brand new car, and thought I may as well get one that would be possible for Uber XL also. I have seen that the Ford Transit Passenger vans are not accepted, but I am wondering about the smaller Ford Transit Connect? Lyft also does not...
  3. M

    Anyone want to deliver a flyer to drivers at the airport?

    Great way to get drivers informed about this forum who don't even know about it for any chance at a protest. Hand out flyers to drivers at the staging lot,put uberpeople.net
  4. M

    Drivers as thrift drivers in Vegas

    Stupid rate cuts passengers laughing at us and still encouraged to stiff us on the tip