uber insurance

  1. Fostel

    UBER to start insurance services in UK

    What do you think lads? My first thought was that Uber is going to insure their own pool service as some insurers does not cover ride-sharing. Obviously they are going to get more $$!
  2. Maven

    Overlapping Insurance Coverage

    If I have an accident with significant damage while online with both Lyft and Uber, but not on a trip with either. should I file a claim with both? Fortunately, this has not happened to me, but I'm sure it has happened to others and I like to be prepared. Assume there is no commercial insurance...
  3. Sub Guy

    Feels like Uber is stabbing me in the back instead of having my back

    So, this occurred on early Sunday Morning (1:34 AM). Get a call for a pickup and the bar is in the corner of a strip mall with lots of pickups going on and a very narrow driving lane. So I see 3 parking spots open and back into one to try and locate my ride. (I drive a stick). Gear box in...
  4. V

    New Uber driver help !

    Hello , I'm new to the Uber world! Unfortunately I can't get into any rentals. So I decided to just finance my car , I went to a dealership was looking at this Accord SE , I was told to just buy the car and have everything under my name (said the TLC Insurance broker ) . I'm getting ready to...
  5. M

    What's up with the Jax Port

    Let me tell you all what happened to me, which made me look for either a rideshare or commercial insurance. While I was waiting in Que at the Jacksonville airport for a ride request, I finally got the ping and accepted a ride request. I thought the person would be at the airport, but found out...
  6. Montaukubertoo631

    Uber registration help

    I have my TLC for over a year now.i was renting a car for all this time.my wife has a 2012 Camry is under her name I'm also include in the insurance as a driver can I register my wife car for uber even though is under her name .she doesn't have TLC license she no longer using the Camry. Can...
  7. J

    Atl $6.75 base fare uber gets $3.00

    So as you have seen a text lately talking about a base fare of $6.75 but then heard nothing else, well it has been raised yet the partner doesn't benefit and neither does the customer, $6.75 -1.75 booking fee - 1.25 uber fee partner makes $3.75 and uber gets $3.00. Makes sense considering they...
  8. UberSavings

    Driver Savings, Proper Insurance, and Pizza!

    Hey everybody, I've been driving for Uber downtown Toronto for 14 months now with a 4.84 driver rating. For a while I've been wanting to create a driver group where we come together and save money on various expenses while protecting ourselves with PROPER insurance. I recently (March 2016) got...
  9. Starman@uber

    Pretrip Safety and Driver Safety Tips

    As a Precision Driver, trained for Film and TV Productions and as I drive part time for UBER I'd like to share some basics for new or old Uber/Lyft Drivers if they don't already do this. If it can help you in anyway, great! If not carry on as you do :) Pretrip Inspection: What's a Pretrip...
  10. dmv

    MD insurance

    I do uber in MD with personal insurance. i am thinking about getting a rideshare insurance. How much more i have to pay for a rideshare insurance? How i have to handle the transition? My insurance is with Erie. Thanks
  11. M

    Do you have comprehensive insurance?

    Did you guys know that if you don't have comprehensive insurance and you incur damage requiring that sort of coverage, and you don't have it you also will not be covered by Uber's insurance? I just got off the phone with an adjuster from James River - Uber's super duper insurance company due to...
  12. SharedRideTruther

    Uber DOES NOT COVER YOU (driver) or YOUR CAR with INSURANCE in accident

    So, there you are, Chasing the Uber money, trying to make this too good to be true shit work. (how's that saying go, if its too good to be true, it is a lie?) 99.99 % of drivers DON'T KNOW about this FACT. Uber Insurance ONLY Covers the PAX and Their Injuries (click the link to watch the...
  13. G

    What Happens if by mistake we run over a person or child?

    Driving west at 5 pm with blinding sun against our eyes, we make a right turn when a man or child runs across the road and we run over them by mistake, a genuine mistake. The insurance company will cancel our policy as we are driving an Uber passenger at that time. It is a different matter...
  14. SharedRideTruther

    Insurance Fraud By Drivers Who Don't Disclose Their Uber Fares?

    Me. I dislike being played, and taken advantage of, and abused because Uber can. I see the James River insurance docs and coverages, and I remember signing up for Uber, and NEVER being TRULY briefed that if I was in an accident, my pax would be covered for some $$$ by James River, but me and...