uber hiring process

  1. Dhr94080

    Fluber is putting more ads for hiring drivers?

    Isn't it getting just a bit saturated on the streets of San Francisco? Drivers coming from all angles of the state of California! I sough a car pulling into the sfo waiting lot that had Georgia license plates on his car with Lyft and Uber decals on his windows! The holiday Season has literally...
  2. UberReallySucks

    Man claims 'interview' with Uber was just free data-mining

    He claims that, after being called in for a job related to Uber's autonomous efforts, the company took what he had to say and never contacted him again. Looks like Uber doesn't just deceive drivers http://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/man-claims-interview-with-uber-was-just-free-data-mining/...