uber guarantee

  1. lizf

    Crooked Uber *UPDATED*

    Some of my inputs got cut off! *NEW POLL* Submit your response to see the results....
  2. GILD

    Guarantees and how they really work.

    This is what i learned by trying to do guarantees for uber. ex: guarantee 1.5 trips per hour, 2 hrs online, 80% acceptance. If you want paid the time trips are calculated for complete finished trips A to B. That is 1 trip. pool is 1 trip per drop off, as of last guarentee. canceled trip is...
  3. JohnnyRev

    Anyone know where the Uber guarantee area is tonight?

    I opted in for the Uber guarantee this weekend, I just wanted to double check which areas I had to pick up pax in. They sent me a link via text last night that I could sign up for, I should've screenshot the pick-up area map.