uber greedy

  1. Karl Marx

    Debate over Airbnb and Uber reveals hypocrisy of 'sharing' economy

  2. cutdc

    XL Drivers take a big pay cut!

    I sold my car and bought a mini van recently, quite frankly, because the X payout had been reduced to only cover gas, depreciation and maintenance of the car. Driving X is driving for free. BTW, changing vehicles was no easy task! Within a month of my switch, I get a request that before I can...
  3. Texstar12

    #BoycottUber2016 | 87¢/mi = 5.44¢/mi after expenses (MUST READ)

    EDIT: My initial math was wrong. In this original post, I took taxes out before expenses. See page 2 of this thread for the correct math. Part 1/2» Yes, I was one of the idiots that put ALL my eggs in the Uber basket here in Houston, Texas for $1.10/mi. I went out and bought me a 2014 Chevy...