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uber freedom

  1. 7

    Only advise I have is

    Look up Uber Freedom on Facebook do some reading and make a decision to either help bring about change or to just keep allowing Uber to screw you. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving
  2. 7

    You want to make things better than help

    I don't know how many new about the strick a month or so ago I don't believe many drivers know about it other than in San Francisco however if you drivers want to see some change than you'll have to start doing something a place to start Facebook look up Uber Freedom a non Uber controlled page.
  3. Kaiser_S

    Who is Uber Freedom and what do they want?

    Who is Uber Freedom and what do they want? http://m.csmonitor.com/Business/2015/1016/Who-is-Uber-Freedom-and-what-do-they-want?cmpid=TW