uber fee

  1. AdamS.UBER17

    Frustrated with Uber’s ‘Compensation of Time’ during rides w/ traffic

    I’m writing to publicize my frustrations with Uber’s ‘Trip Fare Equation’ (TFE) that I believe does not fairly adjust for traffic time during rides. TFE follows an equation with a very low & static ‘cost per minute’ that I say does NOT appropriately compensate for shorter rides with LOTS of...
  2. BkS

    Uber only took $2?

    Can someone please explain to me how Uber calculates their cut? Sometimes After fees they take what I count total of 50-55% and then some trips they only take $2. What gives? Why some trips only $2 (i don’t mind but why)
  3. S

    Uber fee and GST

    Sorry Guys, It's boring to discuss same subject again again and again but I still confused with two much different option, so try to give one more go.... I understand that GST applied for Gross payment. I am new driver to I need to pay 25% to uber. If my gross pay is $100. Uber take $25 from...
  4. Sfla415guy

    Uber Increased Fares & Drivers Got a Pay Cut/Mystery "Uber Fee" Explained

    Every driver needs to go back and scrutinize all of their trips since upfront pricing has gone into effect aswell as trips since the transition of showing our per/mile per/minute rate pre & post 20% or 25% Commission vs. now just showing our rate after the 20% or 25% has been taken. Many...
  5. B

    Boosts give Uber an extra cut

    I was thinking about this today and decided to do the math on 3 random boost trips i completed yesterday. 1/3 trips showed a disproportionate payout to uber vs the extra money paid to me. *check out image below On a trip from Oakland to San Francisco during a 1.3x boost guarantee Uber gets...
  6. Midnite Rider

    Did anyone else get switched from 80/20 to 75/25?

    When Uber changed the way fares are displayed for the driver so they can claim that everything else charged to the rider is the "Uber Fee" under the NEW definition in the May 22nd Addendum - they now show only the net due to the driver after the Uber Fee is deducted. The problem is when I...
  7. Ahasan

    Lets all talk about UBER'S payments system

    Does it make sense, UBER is taking almost 30% of our hard earned money from every trip? Up to 15% fee make sense to me. They collect this high percentage form all of there partners around the world. if you do the math UBER is abusing there partners. Partners are not getting rich by doing it but...
  8. S

    Uber Taxes

    Hello All, I bout to file for my taxes, I know it's late ... Unfortunately , I drove for Fuber from March 16 to Nov 16... Can ya please help me the following : Uber Fee - I think it's around 27% NYC Black Car Fund - is it 2.5% NYC Sales Tax - Uber charges to drivers Can someone please...
  9. Trigger

    20% to 25% Uber fee

    Noticed all my fares today are showing a 25% Uber fee instead of the usual 20%. Raised it with Uber of course as may be a glitch but thought a heads up for everyone to check their fares today just in case.
  10. justintime516

    Where's My Money?? 2x Uber Fee?

    Hi all, I have both driven for Uber and rode with Uber as well. I noticed that the pricing seemed to be so much more expensive when riding than what I would be told the customer was charged when driving. Last night, I took a pax a longer distance, and it happened to be very close to a ride I...
  11. Korz13

    Uber Fee Increase from 20% to 25% without notice the driver

    Any one know when actually uber increase the fee from 20% to 25%. and Did any one get inform by uber?
  12. jnapier999

    Uber fee confusion

    Uber partner account activated Oct 12. Reviewed documents that included El Paso, TX fee schedule (dated 8/13/2015) that stated: "you agree to pay to the Company a fee for each Request accepted, in the amount of 20% of the total fare minus the $1 Safe Rides Fee, calculated pursuant to the rate...
  13. Michael - Cleveland

    Drove on Monday and saw usual 20% UberX Fee... today, it was 25% ???

    Drove a few rides earlier in the week and all was normal on my pay statement: 20% UberX Fee. Went out tonight and did a few rides: 2 cancellations of $5 ea and a decent trip... all three were subject to a 25% fee. Not happy. I wrote to support - can't wait to see how many emails it takes to...