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uber fares

  1. Uruber

    Uber's success: exploiting drivers.

  2. N


    The best advice you will ever see on this forum. IF EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM STOPPED DRIVING, FARES WOULD INCREASE AND THEY WOULD DO SO IMMEDIATELY I would love to drive. But i have lost out huge on driving, after my last trip to dealership I can't bring myself to do it any more. Please, don't...
  3. bulli-2516

    Why the massive fare difference between cities?

    Sydney drivers @ $1.45/klm, Brisbane @ $1.00, Melbourne drivers @ $1.00/klm. Even Wollongong and Newcastle are higher than Melbourne @ $1.10/klm. I don't get it! - drivers costs are the same wherever you go. Sydney rates are too low in my opinion. Can someone of authority tell us why before I...
  4. M

    Minimum fares for Uber drivers in D.C?

    Hello everyone, I cover transportation for WAMU 88.5 News in Washington, the NPR member station. My name is Martin Di Caro. My email is dicaro at wamu org I would like to speak to a few Uber D.C. drivers about what I think is a very interesting subject: the minimum fares Uber is paying...
  5. Driving4Dollars

    Drivers: want to make a fair amount using Uber and Lyft? We already have the power to do it!

    IMPORTANT: How to restore our Driver income to make driving with UBER profitable again! It's perfectly legal and our contract right! SUGGESTION: DO NOT GO ON STRIKE OR SAY ANYTHING TO RIDERS CRITICAL OF UBER OR LYFT. RIDERS CAN FORM THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. BE 100% CONSISTENT AND INSIST...
  6. Jerry77

    Cincinnati uber driver new uber cut our fares 80 cents mile? Wtf

    As a new driver in. Cincinnati I leave my uber app on and it freezes like almost all the time. One time a riders app and. Mine locked up and we couldn't get it to reboot. Uber said it was my fault… lost money on this then lets see short runs 3.00 maybe 2.00 and this new qualification for $20 for...
  7. SharedRideTruther

    Uber Testing How Low Pay Can Go Before Drivers Quit...Lol

    Great article about Uber's NEED to make all cars self driving CLICK HERE TO READ Better point on attached pic on driver rates. Make no mistake, Uber is the new Walmart of the world, paying juts enough to staff its business, with no benefits, keeping its balance sheet 'strong like bull' for...
  8. SharedRideTruther

    Math, Machines, and Me.

    Me. Tried Uber out, and ran both X and XL platforms. X sucked larger than normal 'sausage', and XL only made sense on long runs, but even then was ruff. I.E., with the 'Uber machine' taking 28% of Uber XL fares, making my average Uber XL fare to miles being equal figures, the lie of Uber took...
  9. R

    Selecting uber pride gets you uber x minus surge charges

    Selecting uber pride gets you u we x minus surge charge
  10. SharedRideTruther

    My BEST Uber Ride EVER Changes My Mind About The Riders!

    So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare. I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to...