uber fail

  1. New2This

    Rohit Fails At Social Media

    Saw this in L.A. Board and laughed
  2. New2This

    UberEats Driver Gives Something Extra

    I cringed while laughing out loud. There's a "shitty rates" meme waiting to be made yankdog . Keep cutting rates Dara. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/uber-eats-customer-finds-soiled-underpants-meal-delivery-woman-took-off-running-012228594.html
  3. New2This

    Trips not processing yet again?

    Anyone else not having trips showing up or in the eternally 'processing' status? Uber's an alleged technology company right?
  4. New2This

    Newest Version of Surge

    We pay Uber to drive...
  5. New2This

    Newest Version of Surge

    We pay Uber to drive...
  6. New2This

    July 4th Boost

    Or lack thereof. I guess Rohit doesn't commemorate the 4th of July since to him it's just another Wednesday. And yet they Boost the shit out of 12-3 A.M. Thursdays.
  7. New2This

    Stride Pride

    The biggest problem I'd have with this isn't being labeled gay. It's that I'd be associated with Uber.
  8. New2This

    Since we're talking about Uber driver misbehaving...

    How did this one slip through the ultra stringent background checks? https://gizmodo.com/uber-driver-arrested-with-passengers-in-his-car-on-outs-1826295477
  9. New2This

    Uber Boost Logic

    Today's a federal holiday. D.C. is a government town. When the feds are off, a lot of ancillary businesses are too. What does this mean for demand for Uber? Jackshit. So what does Uber do witb Boosts for afternoon rush hour? Big Boosts in the city, like this: What does Uber do the rest of...
  10. New2This

    A personal best

    I believe this is the most I've cost Uber on one ride. Uber wanted me to go through town. Not fornicating happening. Suck it Dara. GIGGITY!
  11. New2This

    Could you make the pickup address any more damn generic?

    To boot he was on the back side of the museum and the pin was in front. I was in a nice toasty warm car, he was out in Canadian Arctic air. Hopefully lesson was learned.
  12. New2This

    About That Driver Verification Uber Does...

    I think it may need a little work. I'll show the unedited version at the Meetup Sunday. Heading into 2.0X Boost zone and turned app on. Of course NOW it decides it wants to verify my identity. I did this and it accepted it. To quote the late Casey Kasem: Ponderous man, fornicating ponderous.
  13. New2This

    You were collateral damage

    Sorry Naseer, You were collateral damage in the war Uber has declared on drivers. The Upfront cornholing is bad enough, but now this fake surges in random areas is the latest. If Uber wasn't playing games, you would've gotten to work on time. Uber was showing 1.9X surge over your house. My...
  14. DeplorableDonald

    Any publicity is good publicity right?

    Um yeah. This made me laugh. Burning ants lol. Anyone have the article? Was behind a paywall for me. And how long do you have to be around before you lose the 'startup' moniker?
  15. Asgardian

    App updated and keeps crashing...

    My app updated Saturday morning and every time I try to open it, it crashes on the loading screen with the logo. I've restarted my phone repeatedly, re-installed the app and contacted Uber resulting in a bunch of automated and ultimately useless, uninformed suggestions. It's been 4 days now and...
  16. C

    UBER not paying referral

    I referred a new driver and someone else got my $100. We both reported it to UBER, the new driver and I, but they are not helping and are saying there is nothing they can do. Aaron Halliburton (whoever that is) got paid and not me. I'm really upset about this, anyone have advice? Thanks!