uber earning

  1. U Zia

    Uber trip earning

    Hi, i am also doing uber and lyft in Atlantic city NJ. Can anybody tell me the uber pricing in Raleigh like min trip rate , per mile, base fair, per mint, and any other category uber offering to drivers in Raleigh. All the money drivers get. Actually i want to know the uber pricing in different...
  2. TwoFiddyMile

    Another lawsuit- Uber sued in NY for stealing Uber Eats tips

  3. Y

    Uber eats- earnings i can expect and busiest areas

    Hey folks, I was thing of working with uber eats on bicycle for 10-12 hours a day as a full time work. if anybody is doing it or have any idea about it . can you tell me the earnings i'll be making in one day approximately. and which are the busiest areas in melbourne all day. any response...
  4. dmv

    trip earning adjusted to 0.00

    When i check my earning the next day it was less by a certain amount. The amazing thing no notification from uber about what happened. Luckily, i guessed correctly what happened. I had a customer who went back and forth to a store to buy staff with surge. The fare is adjusted to 0.00. I got...