uber drivers united

  1. R

    Drivers in North Carolina Charlotte

    Just wanted to see if there's any drivers here in Charlotte willing to meet up and talk strategies
  2. BullDozer

    Uber pool is for fools

    I am a Uber driver in Chicago and I refuse to except Uber pools. I just received a text from Uber that informed me that they will start deactivating drivers for rejecting pools. When they first started forcing us to take request I was not in favor of it and requested to opt out and I was...
  3. UberAlles1488


    Who wants to form a Worldwide Uber Driver Union to increase driver profits and incentives? Uber is raking in billions, approximately a worth of $15,000,000,000 usd. at the expense of our efforts and modest resource's. When you total the overhead costs and liability that we may incur in an...