uber driver

  1. Ozzyoz

    This is why it is not a wise idea to accept cash or use Square Reader

    It is too risky to ask for Cash or Uber outside of app. Some crazy Uber driver dude did this the other night for a distance that without surge is normally $7, and yet he asked for $32 from a dude but the dude didn't pay him later. Big mistake if your gonna drive people outside the app--at...
  2. QLDUberDriver


    We so need a cartoon series with all the wonderful experiences from drivers and pax lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=14&v=qJz18c6gw8c
  3. X

    Crowded area

    I live close to a major city, and Uber launched about a year ago in my area. I started driving for Uber a week ago and am pleased so far. However, I've noticed during my last run, no matter where I drive and wait for rides (10-15 miles away), I happen to be in an area with other Uber drivers...
  4. Whothought

    Subsidizing Uber makes me physically sick.

    I've been doing Uber full-time since January. It is getting worse and worse. Driver manipulation, Pool, Driver ratings, Upfront pricing, disrespectful passengers, passengers that outright lie and steal money, Surge suppression, Boost, Quest, drive-thru at fast food restaurants and now multiple...
  5. P

    HUDSON AUTO TRADE stay away ,crocks

    guys have anyone bought a car from hudson auto trade in jersey city ??? if you are not thats means your lucky, i was looking for a good used car to work with uber i found them through cargurus online i went there after i caaled about the car i saw online they said yes its still available come...
  6. ladyroyal

    New driver in Jax where's the hot spots Fri-Sun

    Hello everyone I'm new to the city just moved her from up north. I am trying to maximize my earnings here since it is so different then driving up north. Can anyone point me to where I need to be driving and times. I'm finding it hard to make 100 or more a night throughout the week here like I...
  7. QLDUberDriver


    This came in my Youtube suggestions. I can recall a few times I wanted to say what he said. Since Uber is promoting the "Affordable" theme, this is only going to attract alot more customers like this. UBER DRIVER GOES WORLD STAR & SNAPS ON SPOILED BRATS (SAVAGE) Found these also. I so feel...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    What it's really like being an Uber driver

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.drive.com.au/amp/drive/motor-feature/what-it-s-really-like-being-an-uber-driver-64893.html Extract (first four paragraphs): Have you ever wondered what it would be like sharing your car with a stranger? For thousands of Uber drivers around the country that’s...
  9. andy19550505

    Maven Gig

    anyone know this? does it worth to rental a car from Maven and drive for Uber or Lyft?
  10. S

    expense tracker

    hello fellas.. i am new here and just wondering about the new HST filing for the canadian uber drivers particularly in ontario, we are collecting the HST( harmonized sales tax 13%) from the riders and we have to send it to CRA (canada revenue agency). this threat is about a tool i found on the...
  11. penguine

    Uber driver skills in cbd - no show

    I was out for a walk in cbd and have witnessed two near crashes inside 10 minutes, in both incidents one of the vehicle was an uber ant. one ant was too smart to stop after the intersection to pick up a rider, of course traffic behind the ant got mad, sorry ant. I have the pleasure to witness...
  12. LordZenith

    Does Uber Delivery share the same account with Uber Ride Sharing?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here in Uber. I have a question as shown in the title. My friend was supposed to send me Uber Ride Sharing invitation. But he sent me Uber Delivery invitation by accident. I thought they share the same account. So I registered Uber Delivery first. Today my friend sent the...
  13. SmileyScott

    Cities. Oak Harbor, Wa

    Back in Oak Harbor, Wa. Lived here 6 years before this. Decided after military this is the place to retire. Whidbey is beautiful. Did Uber in Maryland.
  14. RideshareSpectrum

    For all the Naysayers... Rethinkx and the TAAS economy.

    Dont know if it been mentioned or discussed here before... this is an in depth white paper called Rethinking Transportation by RETHINK.X, a think tank that studies and models disruptive technology. It's about the advent of AOVs and the economic implications thereof. An excerpt: 'We are on the...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    Meet Australia's first Uber driver--and he is still driving

    https://the-riotact.com/meet-australias-first-uber-driver-and-he-is-still-driving/201058 Extract: I got to chatting with my Uber driver, a young guy who goes by the Uber name Zeeshan and who is originally from Pakistan. He started driving as a student at ANU. “How long have you been driving?”...
  16. L

    Buenos Aires

    Bienvenidos a el foro Uberpeople.net. Este es su foro para que se conoscan, hacer preguntas, quejarse (con moderacion), y plantar sus ideas y sugerencias. Bienvenidos!! Welcome to the uberpeople.netforum. This is your forum to know each other, ask questions, complain (in moderation), express...
  17. Uberkit.net

    Increase your Rideshare Referral Income

    Hello All! It is a pleasure to interact with everyone in the group. My name is Malik Akande and I am a problem solver (tech founder, consultant, marketer, entrepreneur and rideshare driver). As a rideshare driver myself, I can tell you that one problem that rideshare drivers have is the amount...
  18. K

    Sydney- I can't sign up uber driver

    Hi everybody, Its been 2 weeks since i signed up and uploaded all docs for becoming an uber driver. I haven't got any response from them yet. Anyone know how long till they give us response or what happened ? Thank you very much,
  19. RaleighUber

    Raleigh Uber Driver suing Uber

    A local is suing Uber for not paying the full 80% (must be grandfathered) of fare. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/02/uber-driver-company-isnt-paying-the-full-80-of-a-fare-that-im-owed/ Hope it's one of you guys and hope you win.
  20. MamaNia

    New here... Need advice for Orlando or Daytona or??

    Hi all! I want to start to drive for Uber or Lyft, here is my situation... I am from MA, I am visiting my Mom for a month and will be coming back often. I can drive in Orlando or Daytona, both would work. I LOVE Disney so Orlando seems to have my interest. I know the area pretty good because I...