uber driver app

  1. dirtylee

    Driver App uses too much power

    Lately, even with my phone plugged in, when the app is online I've been losing battery. The driver app is the only app on my phone that causes this. I can run youtube, mobile hotspot, etc etc all fine and still charge the phone. With only the uber driver app running, even after hard...
  2. Tophelipilot

    iPhone IOS 12 and Uber app

    Guys and gals, FYI: I have installed the new IOS 12 (GM version which is the version to be released next week). I did try it this morning with 8 rides (a short morning due to my other job duties). I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Comments so far: 1.- Uber driver app speed is fine (it seems faster). No...
  3. Halfmybrain

    New app "Is it just me"

    Small adjustments, but...anyone else notice? 1. I haven't noticed because I didn't get MANY pool rides, but, is Uber announcing that a ride is Uber Pool (or ExpressPool) with the ping? My impression is that it says something like "$1.00 Extra for pickup" or something. 2. The riders name is too...
  4. Jalebkackson

    Uber driver App update? UI elements changed/removed. anyone else?

    Got done driving this morning aprox. 7am. Everything is normal. Back on the road around 8pm. The map looks a little different. Then notice: -the directional arrow is removed from my GPS blip. -ping volume is at full blast -'earnings' UI is changed (bar graphs for daily earnings are green...
  5. CTridz

    Need help with Pandora through the Uber Driver app

    I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a solution to this problem. I can't get the music option to show up in the Uber Driver app. I'm using an iPhone 6 running iOS (10.3.1). I have the latest version of the driver app. I tried looking for music settings in the driver app but the option is not...
  6. Fostel

    Flawed UBER (Partner) Driver app...

    I decided to sum up and point out flaws that I am experiencing with Driver app and UBER in general. What a shame. Technology company and such a poor app. 1. Now, the best feature, home destination is missing. 2. Payments are processed slow. 3. In the middle of the trip app is loosing...
  7. K

    another newbie hopefully just temporarily on the need versus contribute end of forum!

    PLEASE IGNORE THE POST. Following this warning.IHAVE BEEN TRYING TO DELETE IT BUT UNABLE TO FIGURE OUT HOW. THE EDIT OPTION I FOUND, BUT W/O MY COMPUTER, TO TRY AND EDIT ALL OUT is impossible. MY CELL phone. Means one letter at a time so I will have to wait toedit out the entire post sorry...
  8. Phill

    iOS 10 Rolls Out Tomorrow... Who wants to bet it breaks Uber and Lyft Driver Apps?

    Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off tomorrow cause I'm pretty sure anyone that upgrades to iOS 10 tomorrow is not gonna be able to drive. Then again you don't HAVE to upgrade... you can let all the ants do it first... perhaps swipe a few off and clear the way for others?
  9. cthorn112

    Problem with driver app

    I've been driving since 11am this morning and noticed that around 11:45am the app started to crash. To be more specific it would close out on me out of no where. I didn't have any other apps open and I wasn't doing anything on the phone. Even stranger was when I went to open it after it crashed...
  10. Ride Phoenix

    Why rides are no longer in order?

    Can somebody tell me why Uber is mixing the ride orders' time? It used to be in order from morning to night. Now, it's all mixed up.